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Train in Gear WOD

In the fast-paced and ever changing world we live in, some individuals are always prepared to answer the call of duty, no matter the circumstances and no matter the outcomes. Firefighters, police officers, military personnel, first responders and countless other professionals in demanding professions must be ready to face any challenge at a moment's notice. At UNCIVIL, we recognize the dedication and commitment of these heroes, which is why we're introducing our "Train in Gear" WODs, or as we call it, Task(s) of the Week. These weekly challenges are designed to help individuals in gear-heavy professions enhance their stamina, endurance, and overall fitness, ensuring they're always ready for any task at hand.

Why "Train in Gear"? The concept behind "Train in Gear" WODs is simple yet impactful. Those who wear gear in their daily work routines face unique physical demands that require them to be in peak condition. Whether it's carrying heavy equipment, maneuvering through tough terrain, or responding to emergencies, their bodies must be conditioned to perform under pressure. Traditional workouts might not fully prepare them for these challenges, which is where the "Train in Gear" philosophy comes in.

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By incorporating turnout gear into their training sessions, individuals can simulate real-world scenarios and build specific strength, stamina, and endurance. Not only does this approach enhance physical fitness, but it also mentally prepares individuals for the demands of their professions. "Train in Gear" WODs serve as a bridge between conventional training and real-life situations, giving them the edge they need to excel. At the very foundation is the initiative to build on mental resilience and intestinal fortitude.

Flexible Schedule, Lasting Impact

Firefighter Erik Vidal performing the assault bike in full turnout gear. Photography by Firefighter Captain Rick Stephens.

One of the key features of "Train in Gear" WODs is their flexibility; hence why we will interchangeably call them Tasks or simply stated, 'Task'. We understand that the schedules of those in demanding professions are often unpredictable. That's why we've designed these workouts to be completed any day of the week, from Monday to Sunday. The idea is simple: commit to training in gear at least once a week, with the freedom to choose the most suitable day.

This flexibility ensures that individuals can seamlessly integrate the WODs into their existing routines without feeling overwhelmed. As they gradually build their stamina and endurance, they can also aim to train multiple days a week in gear, pushing their limits and surpassing their goals.

How to Incorporate "Train in Gear" WODs:

Getting started with "Train in Gear" Task is straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you integrate these workouts or training evolutions into your routine:

1. Choose Your Gear: Depending on your profession, select the appropriate gear that you wear during work. This could include uniforms, protective equipment, backpacks, turnout gear, or any other gear specific to your role. Maybe you're visiting this page and don't have a profession that requires you to be in gear' in that case, a weighted vest will do the job!

2. Select a Task: Each week, visit the UNCIVIL Apparel website or social media platforms to discover the latest Task. These workouts are carefully designed to target different muscle groups, simulate real-life scenarios, and gradually increase in intensity.

3. Pick a Day: Decide on a day within the week to complete the Task. Remember, flexibility is key – choose a day that aligns with your schedule and energy levels.

4. Train in Gear: Put on your work gear and follow the provided workout instructions. Make sure to maintain proper form to prevent injuries and get the most out of your training session.

5. Track Your Progress: Keep a record of your workouts to monitor your progress. As you consistently engage in "Train in Gear" Tasks, you'll notice improvements in your stamina, endurance, and overall fitness.

Keep in Mind

The Task is simple and straight-forward. Once you take on a Task, the target is to complete the Task. The Task will be challenging, so bear in mind the reason you started and the commitment you made to completing the Task. Also, the premise is to acclimate to the duress under gear and the environmental elements, if need be, don off your gear and continue to complete the task. Again, the target is to complete the task at hand, even if that means taking off your gear.  

More than Just a Workout

"Train in Gear" WODs by UNCIVIL are more than just workouts – they're a commitment to preparing yourself physically and mentally for the challenges of your profession. By dedicating at least one day a week to training in gear, you're taking the initiative towards enhancing your capabilities and ensuring you're always ready for any situation. As you build your stamina and endurance, the goal is to evolve from training once a week to embracing multiple days of gear-intensive workouts. Elevate your training, elevate your performance, and prove to yourself you are the first responder you say you are.

Firefighter Erik Vidal takes a brief pause performing a stair climb. In full turnout gear, on air.

Disclaimer: If at any point there is safety issue or emergency consideration, all operations cease.  Participation in the "Train in Gear" WODs offered by UNCIVIL is undertaken at your own risk. We are not liable for any injuries, health complications, or damages that may occur during or after engaging in these workouts. Prioritize your safety, consult a medical professional if needed, and exercise caution while performing the workouts.

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