In Pursuit of One's True Potential: R.I.S.E. Method

At the core of every person is an innate desire to be their best self. We all crave growth, progress, and purpose in the journey we call life. But the road to self-improvement is often obstructed by challenges. 

What if I told you that these challenges hold the key to unlocking your true potential? Enter the R.I.S.E. method – a four step solution approach that stands for Recognize, Identify, Solution(s), and Examine.

R + I +/- (S) = X ⇨ E

R.I.S.E Model created by Firefighter and veteran Erik Vidal
The acronym R.I.S.E, was inspired from the depths of struggle, or as I dare to call it, 'wisdom through adversity'. It encapsulates the core principles of personal growth and the intentional betterment of oneself. Within each letter lies a pivotal stage, granting you insight towards a purposeful existence characterized by determination, perseverance and resilience.

R is for Recognition—the pivotal moment when you acknowledge the barrier(s), both internal and external, obstructing your path towards your ambitions. The initial stride towards change involves Recognizing your present condition, realizing and understanding that you possess the capability to surpass it. This is the stage where you take a step back and simply recognize that something feels off, something doesn’t feel right - and we need to dig deep to figure out what it is and how we can change it. 

I is for Identify—the commitment to delve deep within yourself, to uncover the roots of hindrance. It is the pursuit of truth and the revelation of vices that impede your progress. At this stage, the goal is to pin-point and identify exactly what it is that is hindering your growth. Is it staying up late, partying, drinking, watching an excessive amount of television? Could it be that you’re not holding yourself accountable and following through with your word; therefore, you lack confidence? Take a moment to unbiasedly sit with your thoughts and identify what requires attention and change in your life.  

S is for Solution(s)—the quest for answers and the relentless pursuit of growth. Armed with newfound awareness, you will forge a path to conquer obstacles. The Solutions you seek will be the bridge between the person you currently are and the person you aspire to become. This is the stage for action, or lack thereof, the choice is ultimately yours. Are you going to take the necessary steps and follow through with your commitments to fix the problem you just identified or will you falter? Many people will stop here because it requires a lot of work… don’t be that person.

RISE: the UNCIVIL Mentality by Erik Vidal

E is for Examine—the commitment to assess and reflect upon your progress. It is the foresight to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts and to recalibrate your course when necessary. Examination is the compass that guides or informs you whether you are on the appropriate path to your destination. In this final phase, you evaluate your progress. You keep score of what worked and what didn’t work, and you re-assess or recalibrate. Is there something you can do better to continue improving? 

For some, the R.I.S.E model is cyclical, because there is always room for improvement. Whether it be physical, health, business, or relationship goals, the R.I.S.E model is applicable whenever encountering a challenge.

From the depths of hardship, the only option is to RISE.

R + I +/- (S) = X ⇨ E

RISE: the UNCIVIL Mentality book by Erik Vidal


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