Day 2: Firefighter Challenge World Championship

Wednesday 10/4/2023: Day 2 of the Firefighter Challenge World Championship recap! 

MDFR Local 1403 Team: To see a video recap click HERE or Scroll all the way to the bottom for the full video. 
MDFR Local 1403, Team Uncivil at the 2023 Firefighter Challenge World ChampionshipPictured from left to right: Rick Stephens, Rob Sheppard, Erik Vidal, Miguel Yanes, Pete Marrero

Day 2 Schedule for the Firefighter Challenge World Championship

On Wildcards Day 2, teams from various corners of the globe unite to take on the challenging course, proving their mettle in the face of adversity.

The day kicked off early at 6 am with open practice on the course. Then, at 7 am sharp, the challenge officially began with individual wildcards, tackling the obstacles.

Capt Rick Stephens from MDFR Local 1403 performing the hose pull at the 2023 Firefighter Challenge World ChampionshipPictured is Firefighter Capt. and Photographer Rick Stephens performing the hose drag

Mother Nature decided to add a twist to the competition when rain started pouring down around noon. A quick intermission allowed everyone to catch their breath and regroup. Rain or shine, the challenge goes on. Firefighters continued to navigate the wet course, and tackled each obstacle with precision... and some occasional slipping.

By 3pm, it was time for the tandem and relay teams to take the stage. The synchronized efforts of these teams are a testament to the power of collaboration and trust in high-pressure situations. The relay format emphasizes not only individual skill but also seamless transitions and communication among team members.

The Croatian Sensation, Ana Ruzevic takes the start line at the 2023 Firefighter Challenge World ChampionshipPictured is the Croatian Sensation, Ana Rezevic from Birmingham, AL 


MDFR Local 1403 competes in Over 40 FD Dept. Team - Categories 2 & 3: Relays (Fire Department and Hybrid)

MDFR Local 1403 Relay Team at the 2023 Firefighter Challenge World ChampionshipMDFR Local 1403 stands ready to take the start line in the Relays Category

In the Relays category, a team of three (3) to five (5) members can form a team. Depending on the number of team members, each member will complete one or more parts of the course before handing a baton over to another member. The members are in full turnout gear with air pack, but do not wear a face piece. Relay teams compete against teams in the same sub category. Teams are seeded with their first race and then enter an elimination bracket based on their seeding time.

The Firefighter Challenge offers two (2) Relay category types: Fire Department and Hybrid. Each competes in their own category bracket.

  • Fire Department (FD) Relay Team: a group of three (3) to five (5) Firefighter Competitors from the same department.
  • Hybrid Relay Team: a group of three (3) to five (5) Firefighter Competitors from multiple departments.


If you missed yesterday blog, here are some details on the course: (as per the "2023 Guide to the Challenge Handbook" by Firefighter Challenge)

2023 Firefighter Challenge World Championoship Course

  • The start area is at the base of the tower
  • EVOLUTION 1: High-Rise Hose Pack Carry - The rubber jacketed hose load and cover (42 lb.; 19kg) may be carried in any manner and must be deposited into the container at the top of the tower, with no part of the pack touching the deck outside of the box. 
  • EVOLUTION 2: Hose Hoist - A 42lb. (19kg) donut roll of large diameter hose and (15mm) kernmantle rope (nominally weighing 7 lbs.) is used for this event. 
  • EVOLUTION 3: Forcible Entry - The forcible entry evolution utilizes the Keiser Force Machine (a chopping simulator). Using the provided nine-pound (4kg) shot mallet, and with both feet on the diamond plate surface, the competitor must drive the sled, a ≈ 160lb. (72.5kg) steel beam a horizontal distance of five feet (1.5m). 
  • EVOLUTION 4: Hose Advance - The competitor must negotiate the 140-foot (42.6m) slalom course without missing or knocking over any delineator (including the target); doing so will result in a 5-second penalty for each infraction. The competitor must pick up the nozzle end of the 1 3/4 inch (4.45cm) charged hose line and drag it a total distance of 75 feet (22.8m). Once the nozzle penetrates the swinging doors, the competitor opens the nozzle, hits the target with the water stream, shuts down the nozzle, and drops the nozzle onto the ground padding system between the saloon doors and target system. 
  • EVOLUTION 5: Victim Rescue - A 175lb. (79.4kg) NASCO, Rescue Randy® mannequin (model 1435 weighing 165lbs dressed in 10lbs. of LION turnout gear) must be lifted and dragged backward a distance of 106 feet (32.3m). Carrying the dummy is not permitted.
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