Day 1: Firefighter Challenge World Championship

Tuesday 10/3/2023: Day 1 of the Firefighter Challenge World Championship was a success! 

To see a video recap - Click HERE or Scroll all the way to the bottom.

2023 Firefighter Challenge World Championship - Photo by Jeffrey W Jones PhotosPhoto by Jeffrey W Jones @jeffreywjonesphotos

This is an event that brings together firefighters from around the globe to showcase their skills and dedication to the craft. The Firefighter Challenge World Championship is not only a competition but also a celebration of the bravery and resilience of firefighters who put their lives on the line every day. 

Tuesday Schedule for the 2023 Firefighter World Championship

Day 1 of the 2023 Firefighter Challenge World Championship

One of the most anticipated aspects of the championship is the iconic obstacle course. Firefighters will have to navigate through a series of tasks that simulate real-life rescue situations. From scaling towering ladders to dragging heavy hoses, their agility and strength will be put to the test. It's a true testament to their physical power and mental endurance.

Here are some details on the course: (as per the "2023 Guide to the Challenge Handbook" by Firefighter Challenge)

2023 Firefighter Challenge World Championoship Course

  • The start area is at the base of the tower
  • EVOLUTION 1: High-Rise Hose Pack Carry - The rubber jacketed hose load and cover (42 lb.; 19kg) may be carried in any manner and must be deposited into the container at the top of the tower, with no part of the pack touching the deck outside of the box. 
  • EVOLUTION 2: Hose Hoist - A 42lb. (19kg) donut roll of large diameter hose and (15mm) kernmantle rope (nominally weighing 7 lbs.) is used for this event. 
  • EVOLUTION 3: Forcible Entry - The forcible entry evolution utilizes the Keiser Force Machine (a chopping simulator). Using the provided nine-pound (4kg) shot mallet, and with both feet on the diamond plate surface, the competitor must drive the sled, a ≈ 160lb. (72.5kg) steel beam a horizontal distance of five feet (1.5m). 
  • EVOLUTION 4: Hose Advance - The competitor must negotiate the 140-foot (42.6m) slalom course without missing or knocking over any delineator (including the target); doing so will result in a 5-second penalty for each infraction. The competitor must pick up the nozzle end of the 1 3/4 inch (4.45cm) charged hose line and drag it a total distance of 75 feet (22.8m). Once the nozzle penetrates the swinging doors, the competitor opens the nozzle, hits the target with the water stream, shuts down the nozzle, and drops the nozzle onto the ground padding system between the saloon doors and target system. 
  • EVOLUTION 5: Victim Rescue - A 175lb. (79.4kg) NASCO, Rescue Randy® mannequin (model 1435 weighing 165lbs dressed in 10lbs. of LION turnout gear) must be lifted and dragged backward a distance of 106 feet (32.3m). Carrying the dummy is not permitted.
2023 Firefighter Challenge World Championship - Photo by Jeffrey Jones PhotosPhoto by Jeffrey W Jones @jeffreywjonesphotos

Another element of the championship is the teamwork involved. Firefighters work in tandems or relays to complete tasks, highlighting the importance of collaboration in emergency situations. This reinforces the message that firefighting is a collective effort.

Tandem and Relay batons for the Firefighter Challenge World ChampionshipBehind the scenes at the 2023 Firefighter Challenge World Championship. Photo by Jeffrey W Jones    

Photo by Jeffrey W Jones @jeffreywjonesphotos

The championship is not just about competition; it’s about the fire service community, an opportunity for firefighters to learn from each other and share best practices. It's a chance for professionals in the field to exchange insights and experiences, ultimately improving their ability to respond effectively to emergencies. Lastly, this event is exclusive to first responders/firefighters. “Any first responder, whether cadet, volunteer, or career, over 18 years of age, with a signed waiver can participate.” It respectively crowns the fittest and most prepared individual(s), tandem(s) and team(s) in our coveted profession. A true testament to the concept that first responders are truly athletes.


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